Live-Scan Fingerprinting

LiveScan Service requests are currently unavailable except through emails from Talent Acquisition, Staff HR, and LiveScan Services.  There is no way to access a LiveScan Service Request except through the links provided by these groups.  

Hiring Managers will be contacted by Talent Acquisition or Staff HR and given the link to the Service Request.  Applicants will receive the Service Request link from either Staff HR or LiveScan staff.  Once we have both the Hiring Manager and Applicant Service Requests received and matched, the Applicant will be contacted by either Staff HR or LiveScan Services by email to make a LiveScan appointment.  Until further notice, there will be NO walk-in LiveScan services offered on campus.  Everything will be appointment-only.

Information about what the Applicant needs to bring to be fingerprinted, either on- or off-campus, will be contained in the email confirming their appointment on campus, or acknowledging their use of off-campus LiveScan.

LiveScan Service Fees are as follows:

Service Rate
LiveScan Service Fee $30.00 per applicant
California Department of Justice Service Fee $32.00 per applicant
FBI Service Fee $17.00 per applicant



Monday through Thursday
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


J Baskin Engineering, Room 25
(Right by the Loading Dock)

Phone (831) 459-2764